Mobile Phone Repairs

3CNZ is an Independent Repairer for some of the biggest technology brands in the world. Our stores have a dedicated repair center where we can inspect, troubleshoot and in many cases repair mobile phones. With over 8 years experience, you can trust 3CNZ Tech to provide high quality technology repair and troubleshooting services. Learn more about our Mobile Phone Repair service below.

Repair Service we provide

Below are just some of the common mobile phone issues we fix. We recommend either bringing your mobile phone into a 3CNZ store or request a quote online through email or phone.

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For Apple iPhone repair, Apple iPad repair, Samsung repair, Google Phones, One plus, Xiomi, Huawei repair and all major brand phones.

Repairs We Carry

We can do LCD screen replacement, Glass replacement, Touch screen repair, Speaker, Microphone, Network, Charging port repairs, Charging port replacement , Software repairs.

Models We Repair

All iPhone Models, All iPad Model, All type of tablets, All Samsung models ,All Huawei models and all other major brands we repair subject to availability of parts.

iPad & Tablet Repairs

3CNZ specializes in all repairs including battery replacement. Our team of technicians are highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced and we have the right equipment to repair your tablet quickly and hassle-free. We can repair your iPad or TABLET within the same business day, provided we have the parts ordered upfront. Our reliable repair services are extremely cost efficient. 3CNZ are available to help in convenient locations across the country. At 3CNZ Tech, you get the top-notch repair service in New Zealand by our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Below are just some of the common iPad/tablet issues we fix. We recommend either bringing your tablet into a 3CNZ Store or request a quote online.

  • Replacement of cracked or damaged screens
  • Cracked or damaged cases
  • Software Repair
  • Faulty hard drives and DVD drives
  • Repairing damaged or broken sockets
  • Power issues including faulty batteries
  • Repair or replacement of damaged keys
  • Liquid damages
  • General Troubleshooting and repairing

Data – Transfer, Recovery, Restore

If you lost files, experienced hardware failure, or need to recover data from a hard disk, flash drive or other storage media? 3CNZ’s specialist data recovery team is here to help with all your data recovery requirements. If you need data recovered from your device or storage media simply pop into one of our service centres or get in touch with the team at 3CNZ using the contact form below.

Issues We Fix
There are various issues associated with hard drives / storage media data loss:

  • Corrupted data
  • Disk has been formatted or overwritten
  • The computer or OS won’t boot
  • Applications won’t run or load data

Media Types We Recover
Below are the various storage media types we can recover data from:

  • Mechanical Hard Drives (HDD)
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Memory Cards including MicroSD

We have a a dedicated service center where we can inspect, troubleshoot and in many cases repair a variety of technology devices.

Our main service centre is located at 23 Royal Arcade, Timaru, New Zealand and if a device cannot be repaired at one of our stores it is sent here for processing and repair.

Insurance Inspection & Report

3C Computers and Mobiles can help on insurance inspection reports with same day response on request. We can invoice your insurance company for the cost of repairs if a successful claim is made.

Trusted by Insurance Companies

We work with leading insurance companies in NZ to repair your iphone , Samsung & Android , Laptop , MacBook , iPads , Tablets or any type of IT devices. Our IT Engineers can do inspection on your accidentally damaged devices and provide report to assist with your insurance claims