Surcharges for select payment options

3CNZ Tech charges a surcharge on some payment options offered to its customers to offset the cost charged by the payment providers. Payment providers (e.g. credit card or finance companies) charges cost to 3CNZ Tech when customer uses these payment methods.

How much is the surcharge?

It can vary based on the payment method used. For Visa/Mastercard credit card transactions it is 1.0%, and some other 3rd party finance transactions it is up to 3%. The exact amount of any surcharge is clearly displayed during the checkout process of this website. 3CNZ Tech also offers multiple payment options with zero surcharge.

Why does 3CNZ Tech charge a surcharge? And why do some other companies not?

3CNZ can increase the cost of product and absorb this surcharge from customer but 3CNZ keeps prices of products lower so that customers have multiple options of payment which do not attract fees. Customers can choose such payment methods with zero surcharge and enjoy shopping desired product at lower price. So, 3CNZ saves customers money.

How do I avoid paying surcharges?

You can either pay in-store using EFTPOS/ Debit Card or use one of our online payment methods which do not have surcharges, such as:

  • Bank Transfer
  • POLi
  • 3CNZ Tech gift card / store credit
  • Instore EFTPOS