About Us

From our first job of replacing iPhone 5 battery back in 2016 to today after four years growing to four branches, serving thousands of customers, supplying IT products to schools all over New Zealand , becoming one of preferred supplier of IT products to small business of local community, for us motivation to do good,day by day remains same, a purpose on which 3C started. “Customers are the one who pay our wages. We have to try our best to provide top of the best service, better quality products and the highest technology for the lowest price possible.“

Every company has a vision. If you ask what’s 3C vision we can summarize in a simple sentence- Every person in the local community in New Zealand should be served the best IT products whether it’s a phone, computer or printer or even charging cable, suiting their need and come with a price tag a way lower than what world or market offers. In 3C we work towards that – achieving best results with highest quality products on all IT jobs giving you or your school, or your business best IT devices for lowest price possible compared to any other company.

When you opt a service from us for repair or when you place an order for any IT product you are rest assured to get top best customer centric service with a full peace of mind on final outcome.

“Customer are the one who pay our wages”

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