12 Months Physical and Liquid Damage Warranty for iPad– Repair or Replace

If you break your iPad or drop it in water, we will cover either by repairing it and if it’s beyond repair we will replace it to equivalent or similar specification model.

12 Month Physical and Liquid Damage Warranty for iPad- Repair or Replace 3C+ Care covers:

  • Screen damages – due to drop, liquid or any type of accidents
  • Faulty battery or exploded batteries due wrong type of voltage in car, hotels, overseas plugs etc
  • Broken Home button
  • Broken volume buttons
  • Aux port
  • Faulty battery,
  • Wifi antenna
  • Speaker, microphones
  • Any components on mother board or whole logic board
  • All type of liquid damages
  • International warranty applies meaning incidents occurred due to usage outside New Zealand also covered.
  • Not limited above and will be covered all type of damages for  a period of 12 months with no excess applied.
  • The only thing 12 month damage protection won’t cover is outright theft or loss.

3C terms and conditions applies, may not apply for all Chromebooks models or price may wary for touch screen models, please enquire and strictly one claim allowed during the period of 12 months cover and after first claim an excess of $225+GST applies on each subsequent claim within the period of 12 months.