COW iPad/Chromebook Chraging & Storage Unit 24 Devices

  • Safely Stores & charges up to 36 Devices using surge protected multi boards
  • Carcass is sturdy grey Melamine construction with lockable drawers
  • Felt covered storage racks within each drw, support your devices
  • Storage racks can be repositioned within drawer to best suit your devices
  • Stores large devices – up to max size of 320 x 260mm, and up to 50mm thick, which includes the option to store devices within their protective cases
  • Most devices are less than 23mm thick, so each drw will house 12 of these devices
  • Choose either 2-Drw unit (to store and charge 24 devices), or 3-Drw unit (to store and charge 36 devices)
  • 2 Drawer Unit – 900h x 485w x 620mm deep
    • Stores and charges 24 devices up to 23mm thick
    • For devices 24 to 50mm thick.
    • Comes standard with 50mm diameter castors – or upgrade to heavy duty 100mm dia castors for extra $100 GST per unit (upgrade also includes an anti-tilt support wheel on the bottom drawer)
  • 3 Drawer Unit – 1260h x 475w x 630mm deep
    • Stores and charges 36 devices up to 23mm thick
    • For devices 24 to 50mm thick.
    • Note – this unit isn’t mobile. It comes standard with small 25mm high toe-space, and is best fastened to the floor or wall
  • Note – if you have bulky devices or extra thick protective cases, you can request alternative felt dividers that will take either 10, 8 or 6 devices per drawer. The 10-slot dividers will take devices up to 29mm thick, 8-slot dividers for devices up to 36mm thick, or 6-slot dividers for devices up to 50mm thick (using alternative 10, 8, or 6-slot dividers reduces the overall quantity of devices that can be stored in your unit)

Please note:

Wheels need to be ordered separately.